Yuuka Teramoto (寺本優佳) is a minor character in the Oshi ga Budokan Ittekuretara Shinu manga by Auri Hirao, as well as the anime adaptation that will air in January of 2020.[1] She is a member of ChamJam.


Yuuka has long indigo-colored hair and matching color eyes. She wears a teal dress, with a matching tie, and a flat ribbon on her head.


She has a bright personality and poor memory.

Biography Edit

She has a bright personality and poor memory. But she is good at dancing. The youngest member. Although it is a type that cannot read the air, it has certain popularity due to the lack of both sides and was ranked 3rd in the popularity vote. Her hobby is playing social games.[2]


  • She is 16 years old.

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