Sorane Matsuyama (松山空音) is a minor character in the Oshi ga Budokan Ittekuretara Shinu manga by Auri Hirao, as well as the anime adaptation that will air in January of 2020.[1] She is a member of ChamJam.


Sorane has short seafoam colored hair and matching colored eyes. She dresses in a sea-blue colored dress, with matching color belt and ribbon, and high heel boots.

Biography Edit

High school student. My hobby is tennis and I belong to club activities. I cherished my fans and noticed at a glance the group that gave me the fan letter. Therefore, it was also very popular, and at the time of Volume 1, it was in the so-called front-row group and was in the top 3 with Reo. I became an idol because I was interested in watching Reo during an outdoor performance, and my aunt applied. Therefore, I have respect for Reo as an "ideal idol". There was also the image of the tennis club's character, etc., and it was rumored that there was a boyfriend at one time, but it fell in popularity, but this was a hoax due to a mistake.[2]


  • She is 18 years old.

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