Maina Ichii (市井舞菜) is a main character in the Oshi ga Budokan Ittekuretara Shinu manga by Auri Hirao, as well as the anime adaptation that will air in January of 2020.[1] She is a member of ChamJam.


Maina has long brown hair tied into two thin ponytails on both sides of the front of her head with red bow-ties and violet-colored eyes.


She has a timid personality. She is very, very shy. Maina can't properly talk due to being nervous, embarrassed.

Biography Edit

The so-called "oshi"[2] that Eripiyo is enthusiastically supporting. She has the least fans in the group and one of the cause lies in Eripiyo's overly energetic fan activity. She can't speak well because of embarrassment and tension. However, in reality, she doesn't dislike Eripiyo at all, but rather, wants to be close. But she believes that to be an idol, she has to suppress her feelings. High school student. Shy and very shy personality. Her hobby is taking walks. Her favorite food is bread, and doesn't like or dislike candy.[3]

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