Eripiyo (えりぴよ) is a main character in the Oshi ga Budokan Ittekuretara Shinu manga by Auri Hirao, as well as the anime adaptation that will air in January of 2020. [1] She is voiced by Ai Fairouz.[2]


Eripiyo has long dirty blonde hair that is tied back in a ponytail and almond colored eyes. She dresses in a red jersey that she's had in her student years.

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The main character of this work, a woman who is a fan of female idols, a so-called "woman ota". One day by chance, ChamJam's outdoor live performance became an enthusiastic dancer, and all of her income was spent on fan activities. Maina's top ota, who is prospering and supporting herself by saying, "My life requires 1 minute and 1 second of Maina". Regardless of TPO, she is always active in a red jersey when she was a student. This is because she sold off all her clothes to cover her fan activity costs. The hands are clumsy and there is no devastating sense of decorating message cards. She can't cook. Maina is active in saying that more fans should be added, but in the first place, she seems not to realize the fact that fans are not settled due to the fan activities that are too enthusiastic. [3] She is 20 years old.

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